Covid Preparation


What you need to know before your child’s first day of camp.

Sign and submit the COVID-19 Waiver form

Submit doctors medical including immuniza?ons, medica?on placed in a zip lock bag with prescrip?on.

Face Covering

Campers must be provided with two appropriate face covering and a sealable bag or container to store the covering when not in use. Please label the container with your child’s name and age. Campers must wear face covering during drop off and pick up.

Temperature Screening

Camper’s and staff temperatures will be given before entering and exi?ng camp.

Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19

Familiar signs and symptoms of COVID-19, are cough, temperature of 100.4 and higher, shortness of breath, and Fa?gue. If a camper has a fever, feels sick or throws up, Parents are to make arrangements to pick the camper up while being separated from the others in a ?mely fashion.

Camper Medical Forms

If you cannot make an appointment with your child’s physician prior to camp season, please obtain the latest medical record on file, update any informa?on yourself, and sign and date the form indica?ng that the informa?on is current and accurate to the best of your knowledge. All immuniza?ons must be up to date as of the last physical exam.

Extra Time

Bus pick up is between 8-9a.m. and drop off is between 4-5p.m. Campers must be wearing their mask before entering the bus. Temperatures will be taken and kept in a log. All campers will have assigned sea?ng and will be following all safety precau?ons requested by the NYS Health Department. If you aren’t using our bus service, drop off is at 9:00 a.m. and pick up is at 4:00 p.m. You may need for extra ?me during morning arrival, especially in the early days of the
camp season, as we are all adjus?ng to these new policies and procedures. Parents/Guardians, you should not get out of your car at any ?me during drop off and pick up. A staff member will escort your child/children to and from your vehicle and we ask you call/text 516-238-4586 to let us know you have arrived.


Upon arrival, gather your child’s belongings, including lunch, say goodbye to your child, have your child put on their face covering, and wait a LI Voyager’s staff member to open the car door. Temperatures will be taken before entering camp.

Health Assessment

Upon arrival, gather your child’s belongings, including lunch, say goodbye to your child, have your child put on their face covering, and wait a LI Voyager’s staff member to open the car door. Temperatures will be taken before entering camp.


Campers will be placed into their small groups, with their counselor and will remain together throughout the day.

Physical Distance

A physical distance of (6) feet or more and/or the wearing of face coverings will be maintained in all shared spaces if necessary.

Calendar of AcRviRes

Swimming, modified sports, arts & cracs, playground, ac?vi?es, available trips, events and performances will all be structured throughout our camp days.

Cleaning and DisinfecRng

All areas of camp will be cleaned between groups, including equipment, playgrounds, toys, games and mul?-use supplies. All areas will have hand sani?zer for campers and staff. Bathrooms and buses will be cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. Campers will be using hand sani?zer throughout the day.


Visi?ng of any kind will be discouraged while camp is in session. Safety protocols will be in place for all personnel who may need to enter camp. If you need to pick up your child early, please contact us at least 30 minutes before you arrive, and follow the same procedure for a normal dismissal.


Campers will bring lunch from home and it will be refrigerated by cohort (groups). Social distancing protocols will be in effect and tables and chairs will be cleaned of all food and debris (crumbs, etc), and disinfected. Staff and campers will wash/sani?ze their hands before and acer lunch and snack ?me. Snacks must be pre-packaged, individual serving-size snack baggies. Water and flavored beverages will be provided throughout the day. All outside drinks are permieed in thermoses with your child’s name labeled. Single use water boeles may not be refilled at camp. We ask you provide two waters in your child’s lunch box with your child’s name on it. No glass containers and all plas?c containers will be disposed. Please pack accordingly. We will no?fy you if we will be a peanut free camp.

Swim suit, Towel and Swimming

Pools are required to be inspected by the NYS Department of Health several ?mes during the summer in order to operate. Our pools provide qualified lifeguards at all ?mes. Long Island Voyager’s provides experienced and qualified swim staff including, Red Cross Cer?fied Water Safety Instructor, and Red Cross Cer?fied Pool Ac?vity Leaders. We also implement a “buddy system” every 10 minutes to ensure the safety of each camper. Our Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguards will be available to give individual American Red Cross swim lessons during swimming at no extra cost.
Campers will enter camp wearing their swim suit under their clothing. Each camper will have their own backpack labeled, towel labeled and lunch box labeled which will be kept and grouped accordingly. They may bring a change of clothes in a labeled storage zip lock bag with their name on it. Sneakers needed for sports.


Sunscreen will be provided and applied throughout the day. Personal sun screen is permieed in camp and kept in the child’s backpack with their name labeled on it.


A staff member will escort your child to your car. You should not get out of the car unless instructed by the Director. If you need to speak to the Director you must call as we will not be communica?ng face to face with families during camp hours. Pick up/dismissal is between 3:45-4 p.m. If you are using bus service, please refrain from entering the bus or communica?ng with our drivers. If you have any ques?ons or concerns, please contact the Director.